Privacy you deserve.

We handle your data carefully and sensibly. Our policies and compliance measures make sure of that. You can always contact us if you have questions or concerns.

Data you share.

We collect information that you share with us through our digital or offline brand experiences as well as information you have provided to other companies who share that data with us. You can control your data at any time.

Content you'll like.

We use data to help customize your experience with more products and offers relevant to you. We also use it to make sure you don’t see the same messages over and over.

We follow all applicable data protection laws when collecting personal information online from children. For example, in the EEA and the UK we do not collect personal information from children under 16 years of age without the consent of the holder of parental responsibility over the child, unless a lower age is provided for by the local laws – provided that such lower age is not below 13 years. Similarly, in the U.S., we obtain verified parental consent when collecting personal information from children younger than 13.

Your privacy is important. That’s why we respect it by taking steps to protect it from loss, misuse, or alteration.

We respect your personal information and take steps to protect it from loss, misuse, or alteration. Where appropriate, these steps can include technical measures like firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, unique and complex passwords, and encryption. We also use organizational and physical measures such as training staff on data processing obligations, identification of data incidents and risks, restricting staff access to your personal information, and ensuring physical security including appropriately securing documents when not being used.